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mFUSION / SMS Voting - How do I tally up all my votes?


Q: How do I count the votes I received?

You need to first download the CSV report of all your incoming responses, to do this:

- Login to

- Navigate to "Statistics" > "Traffic Reports" > "Incoming Responses".

- Scroll down to the bottom and click "Download CSV".


Open up the CSV you have just downloaded in excel or any spreadsheet software.


You need to rename the sheet "companyname_IncomingRepsonses" to "Data". 

Now you need to add a new sheet, titled Vote Count.

On that sheet, create two columns, one called "Keyword" and the other "Number of Votes"

Add all your voting keywords, I.E, VOTE 01, VOTE 02, VOTE 03, etc... to the keyword column.

In the Number of Votes column, use the formula "=COUNTIF(Data!D:D,A2)".

Notice the A2 in bold, it starts at A2 as the cell A1 is taken up by "Keyword" we don't want this counted. This needs to be changed for each column according to the keyword's cell location within the number of votes sheet. (This simply goes A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 etc...).

This will then tally up all the votes for that keyword.

If you want to display how many overall votes you have, use the formula =SUM(B2:B#) (change the hash to suit the last location of your vote count, such as B12).


If you would like to see an example document of how this works, download the file that has been attached to this FAQ.


The document attached is setup to display the formulas, not the calculated results. To show/hide the formulas in the spreadsheet:

- Click the windows logo in the top right hand corner of excel (file in older versions of excel).

- Select Options.

- Select the "Advanced" tab.

- Scroll down to "Display options for this worksheet".

- Check/Uncheck "Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated results".

- Click OK.

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