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USA - SMS - Sending std rate messages via ALLNETS-US or ALLNETS-10-US?


Q: I am sending out marketing text messages using the ir_gateway and with the value parameter set to 0, but these text messages are not being received on the mobile test phones.

Additionally, my previous tests last week which were received on the mobile phone had an error in that the 'sender-id' address was not 96527, even though I had used the parameter '&title=96527'. The sender-id was actually a shortcode beginning with 3, which meant that my users could not reply to the text message.

A: For the 96527 code, where you are sending out MT messages without an MO (so you don't know which network to specify), please use network name ALLNETS-10-US, rather than ALLNETS-US. 

In summary, the ALLNETS-US routes them via 32075. ALLNETS-10-US is for 96527.

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