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UK - LBS, Location Based Service Approval


Operating Location Based Services in the UK

txtNation connect to 'all' UK mobile operators, enabling full Location Based Services in the UK.

Using the txtNation Gateway, clients can connect and find mobile devices instantly.

With LBS, you can:

  • Track and find any mobile phone anywhere in the UK
  • Instantly locate a mobile - in near real-time
  • Latitude and longitude mapping
  • Set-up and integrate using our HTTP based API.*

Opting-in to a Location Service

Users will need to send an SMS OR call into IVR (as you require) to opt-in to a Location Service. From an IVR perspective, you will need to be able to interpret the LBS details returned so that its relevant to your service.


LBS Pricing is based on a per Location based 'lookup'. Contact your txtNation Account Manager for more information on LBS in the UK and access to the API.


Service Approval for Location Based Services in the UK

All Location Based Services must be approved by each mobile network operator prior to going live. The approval process will take around four weeks. txtNation's compliance and approval team will liaise with the mobile networks on your behalf to ensure that your service is approved as swiftly as possible.

Find attached the Location Based Service (LBS) Approval Application Form, if you decide to move forward the first step is to complete this form so that we can submit it to the mobile networks for their feedback (10 days approx) and then all being well give you their full approval shortly after.

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