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US and Canada - SMS Carrier Features and Restrictions to the US and Canada

  • US and Canadian carriers do not support DLR's - Delivery Reports.
    • Intermediate DLR (accepted status) will be provided as soon as the message reaches the carrier.
  • Binary, Unicode, V-Card and longer SMS (inc. concatenated) are not supported by US carriers.
  • P2P; Person-to-Person traffic is allowed in the US. An SMS may originate from a mobile phone, a computer or an internet-based service.


Sending SMS from Virtual Mobile Number:

  • You may send a maximum of one SMS per second and per virtual number in the US and Canada due to local carriers regulations. More will be rejected.
  • Maximum of 500 messages per day and per long virtual number. If this is exceeded your number will be blocked and will no longer work.
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