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France - SMS - Network Restrictions


France has numerous restrictions and regulations which requires using a SMS Gateway with a Direct Route.

Our direct connection supports full DLR and also delivery to ported numbers which is common in France.


Network restrictions in France are:

  • Unicode Messages are not supported.
  • Special characters in sender IDs are not allowed and will either be replaced by character escape or the message will be rejected.
  • Non standard GSM character will be downgraded to avoid breaking the handset display.
  • French networks do not allow P2P Carrier to Carrier traffic (i.e. numeric sender IDs, to avoid spoofing of identities). Any numeric-only sender IDs will be automatically replaced except for the following networks:
    • For Free Mobile, Alpha Numeric Sender IDs are allowed provided you add 'STOP' at the end of the SMS. Otherwise all senders will be replaced by Shortcode 36180.
    • For LycaMobile, all Sender IDs will be replaced with a local French Number.
    • For Virgin (OMEA) Mobile, dynamic Numeric and AlphaNumeric Sender IDs are allowed.
    • For SFR, any senders containing the sequence 'sfr' will be filtered.
    • SFR and Bouygues will only accept messages for delivery between 8am and 8pm local time Monday to Saturday.
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