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Are txtNation OC Compliant?


Are txtNation OC Compliant?

Open Connecting refers to operators increasing their worldwide destination coverage by using operator hubs to route traffic without having a roaming agreement in place with each network in the world, effectively partnering to provide that connectivity.

txtNation's SMSC platform is OC Compliant compatible and can support IP based Open Connecting terminating messages through our SS7 connectivity. 

txtNation's SMSC can fulfil the requirements for compliance as listed on:


"9.2 Transparency on the routing:

The routing used by the SMSIP to deliver the Client Operator’s traffic must be made transparent to the Client Operator (either online or offline). All parties involved in the delivery of the Client Operator’s traffic shall be fully visible to the Client Operator.

The Parties will be compliant with the “Open Connectivity SMS Hubbing Architecture“,version 7.0 of the 9th January 2007: the SMSIP must transmit the MCC/MNC of the originated operators, as described in the paragraph 7.5.3 of this technical document, in order to guarantee a full routing transparency.

9.3 Transparency on the charging:
The pricing applied by the SMSIP to the Client Operator will transparently show all price components. This means that the Elected Participating Operators’ Termination fees and the SMS Transit Charge shall be fully visible to the Client Operator.

Termination rates shall only be defined by the Client Operator and not by the SMSIP. The SMSIP shall disclose the termination rates set by the Client Operator in all relevant documentation, e.g. coverage lists, charging addendum to AA.71.

Therefore, the SMSIP shall, upon request by any Third Party SMSIP or any Participating Operator, involved in the traffic routing, provide in a timely manner written confirmation from the Client Operator that he agrees with the termination rate communicated by the SMSIP on the Client Operator’s behalf.

This means that the SMSIP shall not combine the Elected Participating Operator’s Termination fees and the SMS Transit charges related to the supply of the Service to the Client Operator on a per country or regional basis, e.g. blended rates.

Also in this case, as the Termination rates can only be defined by the Elected Participating Operators, the SMSIP is not entitled to set the termination rates on their behalf.

Therefore, the SMSIP shall, upon request by the Client Operator or by any Third Party SMSIP, provide written confirmation from the Elected Participating Operators that they agree with the termination rate disclosed by the SMSIP to the Client Operator.

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