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Bulk SMS - Google Sheets Plugin - Sending and Receiving SMS and running HLR Lookups from Google Sheets, Excel and other spreadsheets.


Broadcast bulk SMS & receive SMS directly from Google Sheets in Google Docs / Google Drive. Other spreadsheet uploads supported.




Messages are sent securely using your txtNation account credentials.

Using a Google Spreadsheet found within "Google Docs" or "Google Drive" you can send SMS directly with just a few clicks via the "txtNation SMS" Google approved Add-on. If you have your data to send SMS to in an Excel spreadsheet, Libre Office, Open Office or Neo Office spreadsheet, simply use the "File upload" feature in Google Drive, or copy and paste the data straight into a new or existing Google Sheet. 



Getting Started 

Here are the steps to getting sending:

1) Click the below INSTALL button:



You can also search for "txtNation" in the "Add-ons" / "Get Add-ons" tab on Google Sheets:




In the Add-on listings you will see:


Having clicked the "+ FREE" button, once installed you will see:


Welcome to txtNation SMS.

From the "Add-ons" menu items go to:

                 1) txtNation SMS
                 2) Settings 
                 3) Contact txtNation to purchase SMS credits and receive your credentials.




2) Enter the username and password that txtNation give you after purchasing credits. Note this is a different username and password to the one you login to the control panel with.






3) With a sheet formatted with columns: "Number / Messages / Sender ID" either send to all the numbers (max 2000) or to the selected data.



Sending 2000 SMS messages can take up to 6 minutes, leave the sheet processing during this time, you can carry on using other browser tabs / windows. Repeat to send more than 2000. 




4) Login at and click CDR Search to see the messages sent and their corresponding delivery status:



Submitted = Submitted by Google Sheet to txtNation SMSC 

Delivered = Delivered to network operator 

Status report = Delivery report received from network operator. Scroll right for the status report meaning received (delivered / rejected / failed).



Numbers must be entered in International Format. This means strip any leading zeros or + symbols.

Country examples:

USA 16032875169
UK 447933334333 

Click the "Pricing" button on for the latest pricing. 



Receive SMS

You can also receive SMS directly into Google Sheets. When sending SMS your recipients can reply. 


1) Set the sender ID when sending messages to be the number provided.

2) When the messages arrive on the recipients handsets they will appear to be from the Sender ID that you have set.

3) When the recipient replies they will be routed via the txtNation platform to a shared Google Sheet.


To set the sender ID, add a column called "Sender ID" to your "Send SMS" Google spreadsheet. The completed spreadsheet will look like this:

Number                 Message            Sender ID 

447912345676        Hi                     447507333490



This means that reply messages are visible to other Google users unless you buy a dedicated Longcode number, which we can route to a private sheet.

We have numbers in most countries, so if you would like a specific county dedicated Longcode number added or if you require private messaging so replies appear in your own Google Sheet then contact us for pricing. 


We're here to help. Livechat with us 24/7 here, or if you have any questions don't hesitate to log a ticket at

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