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Welcome to txtNation Zendesk. Before you begin, please take a few moments to visit and subscribe to our announcements forums: 

txtNation Connectivity Updates

Shortcode, tariff, IP white list and various other technical updates.

txtNation Short Term Interruption Notices

Temporary interruptions to connectivity & maintenance with minimal impact.

txtNation Long Term Interruption Notices

Permanent outages to connectivity.

txtNation Regulatory & Compliance Updates

Changes in market regulation that might impact your services.

txtNation New Services & Connectivity

New txtNation product launches, additional countries, tariffs and lots more.


If you are a temporary developer to a project please advise your employer to do the same, as these notices contain very important information to your txtNation services.

Subscribing to these notices will ensure you receive a notification each time something is updated (you will need to be logged in to do this).

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