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Control Panel Update -

Our latest control panel, My.txtNation, is going from strength to strength. With amazing account balance and traffic statistics, API settings and built-in support ticketing and live chat, this really is the next-generation hub for txtNation services.


My.txtNation has evolved rapidly over the last year. As part of this continued roll-out, we are now automatically redirecting all clients from our previous control panel, CP5, over to You can simply use your existing txtNation username and password to access My.txtNation.


There are a couple features, including some campaign settings, that have not yet migrated to My.txtNation. For this reason, CP5 will remain available at for the foreseeable future.


Gateway API configuration is available in My.txtNation but this may need activating. We are in the process of doing that for all clients, though do speak to our team if you need urgent access or visit CP5 in the meantime.


For clients who have not yet visited My.txtNation, you may need some time to fully orientate your way around, but we are confident that you will learn to love its speed, simplicity and functionality. In any case, we’d love to know what you think, good and bad, so we can evolve My.txtNation to serve your needs better. We have amazing new features to come this year.


Thank you for using txtNation services.
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