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Latency issue with global messaging


Date of Incident:  5th January 2016
Country: Global
Summary:This is notify all clients of a current issue with our platform that may lead to delays with our SMS and HLR services. Our technical teams are investigating the causes of the issue as a very urgent priority. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.


Affected service(s):

Mobile Billing:
[ x  ] WEB / WAP Billing / PayForIt
[ x  ] Inbound Premium SMS (MO)
[ x  ] Outbound Premium SMS (MT)
[ x  ] Direct Operator Billing
[ x  ] Voice Services / IVR

Mobile Messaging:
[ x  ] Inbound Longcode / Non-Premium SMS (MO)
[ x  ]Outbound Non-Premium SMS (Bulk MT)
[ x  ] Number Lookup / HLR
[    ] Control Panel
[    ] Other (Email and Invoice Payments)

[    ] Total loss of service
[    ] Partial loss of service for a period of time.
[   ] Reduced availability with temporary connection losses
[ x ] Delayed response
[   ] Other

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