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Czech Republic - Change in the Code of Conduct


Date of Incident:  8th February 2014
Country: Czech Republic.
Summary: Change in the Code of Conduct see the attached document.

Here is a condensed overview of the most notable changes:

- If the PSMS order cycle starts on the internet (web or wap), an icon or confirming button with the text “ZAPLATIT pomocí SMS” (Eng. “pay via SMS”) has to be used. The font size of the price must not be smaller than 80% of the font size used for the text on the confirmation button.

- In case the service is not provided in all Czech networks, it must be specifically stated, in which networks the service is available to the end-users.

- It is not allowed to send any SMS MO in any other way, other than actively by the end-user (manual SMS sending). In other words, in-app MO billing is regulated now (details in article 2.9.4)

- MO billing is not allowed for the charging of “virtual accounts” and one “virtual account” cannot be charged from more than 5 MSISDNs (see article 4.4.1 of CoC for details)

Thank you for working through these new regulations and ensuring that you adhere to them, beginning 08.02.2014.

Affected service(s):

Mobile Billing
[ x ] WEB / WAP Billing / PayForIt
[ x ] Inbound Premium SMS (MO) ( In App Billing )
[ x ] Outbound Premium SMS (MT)
[    ] Direct Operator Billing
[    ] Voice Services / IVR 

Mobile Messaging
[    ] Inbound Longcode / Non-Premium SMS (MO) 
[    ] Outbound Non-Premium SMS (Bulk MT)
[    ] Number Lookup / HLR
[    ] Control Panel 
[    ] Other (Delivery Reports)

[    ] Total loss of service
[    ] Partial loss of service
[    ] Reduced availability with temporary connection losses
[    ] Delayed response
[ x ]  Other ( In App Billing change to process )

Resolution Status:   Confirmed.

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