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UK Refunds Update


United Kingdom 

Date of announcement: 8th May 2013
Required time to take action: To be announced

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Proposed changes to simplify refund process for dodgy content purchased online.

The government has today (May 8th) announced that it is planning to introduce new laws aimed at making it easier for consumers to claim refunds for defective applications, music and films, BBC Newsbeat has reported.

The new measures included in the Queen’s speech are aimed at protecting customers from faulty digital content.
Consumer minister Jo Swinson claimed that the government is looking to "make sure the law is fit for the 21st century."

Today’s proposed changes to the law are designed to ensure that consumers are aware that they are entitled to compensation, should a game purchased online become defective.

The are also intended to make sure that consumers know that they can claim a replacement or their money back for apps that frequently freeze or have constant bugs, as well as for films streamed online that are unwatchable.

According to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, over £1 billion was spent on films, music and software online in 2012.

Meanwhile, the government estimates that over 16 million people encountered at least one problem with digital content in 2011.

Ministers claim that the proposed changes will give customers increased confidence in knowing their rights when they make online digital content purchases.

The Department for Business admitted that changes are required, conceding that that consumer law in the UK is "unnecessarily complex, overlapping and confusing."

May 09, 2013 16:20
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