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UK Premium SMS EE Split Billing regulation change


Country: United Kingdom

Network: Everything Everywhere (EE)

Service: Premium SMS Only

Date of announcement: 29th April 2015

Required time to take action: 1st June 2015

Please be aware that Split Billing is no longer allowed on the EE network. For the avoidance of doubt, split billing is where for example, a consumer purchases a product for £6 and subsequently receives 4 x £1.50 MT Messages. In order for the EE consumer experience to be improved and enhanced, providers may only send consumers 1 single SMS MT at the appropriate tariff (for example: 1 x £6 SMS MT). Services which charge £10 or more, split billing may be implemented in multiples of £5 (prior permission from EE is required for this).

This change needs to be implemented as soon as possible. EE have given all services until the 1st June 2015. Any services using split billing without prior permission after this time will be in breach of the EE code of conduct and red cards will be issued.

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