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UK Payforit & Vodafone PSMS 120 day inactive subscribers


Country: United Kingdom
Networks: All
Service: Payforit only
Date required to take action: Clarification of rule announced 27th February 2015

The recent Payforit rule for 120 day inactive subscribers has been further clarified:

The Payforit Management Group has amended this rule so that it is consistent with similar rules elsewhere. A subscription service is where a consumer incurs a recurring charge applied to their mobile phone bill. This can be daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. Effective from the date of the Rule 27th February 2015, services where consumers are inactive for a period of 120 consecutive days must be manually unsubscribed and removed from any further billing applicable to that service only. For the avoidance of doubt, ‘inactive’ means the subscriber has not downloaded content or sent any MO SMS to the service provider. Subscribers who browse a mobile service or website will be considered to be ‘active’.

This rule will not apply to ‘push’ services, or services which are ‘seasonal’ or where an annual billing charge is applied. Post subscription marketing to the removed subscriber is permitted, unless the subscriber has indicated they do not wish to receive any marketing or promotional messages from that provider.

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    txtNation Support

    The following clarification has been received from Vodafone:

    Please be advised that Vodafone as part of the PFI Management Group introduced a requirement that all subscription services that have had no consumer activity in 120 days MUST be terminated (Scheme Rules 4.1.5 on 27.2.15). It is apparent that Premium SMS providers believe that because they have not received an explicit instruction that this requirement does not extend to the PSMS services.


    Please be advised that Vodafone considers a fair and equitable rule on one technical billing platform should be replicated on the other.


    Ensure that any subscriber that has not engaged with the service since the 20st April 2015 is removed immediately. Please ensure this requirement is implemented on an ongoing basis.


    Vodafone will start asking for interaction logs concerning PSMS from the 21st September to allow you to have a 14 day notice period to be served on your Merchant customers.


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