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UK PhonepayPlus 13th Code Guidance


Updated Guidance on Promoting premium rate services 
PhonepayPlus today publishes Guidance on Promoting premium rate services. This is the latest in a 
range of Guidance that PhonepayPlus has produced to help providers of premium rate services (PRS) 
understand the standards set under the 13th Code of Practice.

The rules set out in PhonepayPlus' Code cover a range of different elements around promotion. The 
Guidance assists Network operators and providers of PRS when creating and using promotional material 
and / or assessing the quality of third party promotional material for PRS prior to its use.

The Guidance Note includes information on freemium advertising models and charity fundraising.

Further information on PhonepayPlus' Guidance Note on Promoting premium rate services can be found 

Click here for more information 

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