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UK PhonepayPlus publishes refreshed Guidance for industry


PhonepayPlus today released the following:

PhonepayPlus publishes refreshed Guidance for industry

In February we launched a public consultation on five pieces of Guidance for the premium rate services industry that had been amended or developed afresh. Today PhonepayPlus publishes three out of the five pieces of Guidance and a statement following consultation.

These three pieces have been updated in light of stakeholder feedback. Changes include modifying text to improve accessibility and impact and clarifying the purpose and content of Guidance itself.


The refreshed guidance:

  1. Advice services
  2. Enabling consumer spend control
  3. Digital marketing and promotion

Our statement sets out the background to the further amendments made to our proposals and gives insight into the ongoing work undertaken prior to the publication of the final two pieces of Guidance.

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