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UK EE - Service imitation warning & over £5 approval requirement


We have received the following from MCP (EE's monitoring compliance partner):

"We have identified various Pokemon subscription services provided to consumers charging £5 per week (not necessarily via yourselves). There are two major concerns we need to make you aware of:


  • Any services provided to consumers at £5 per week must be reviewed and pre-approved by EE (in accordance with Section 7 of the EE Code of Practice, dated March 2016);
  • Any ‘Pokemon Go’ service may be ‘passing off’, in other words – the brand suggests it is an official Pokemon Go approved service, when in reality it isn’t;


Please can you review any service which is either being provided at £5 per week or which is Pokemon Go, and submit to EE for review and approval. If it is an official Pokemon Go service, can you provide the required evidence. Without such evidence, services should be ceased."

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