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Updated Retry Policy for PSMS Telstra Network


Telstra has made updates to their policy regarding failed payments for premium SMS programmes. This update will go into effect on immediately.

The attached retry policy for failed payments is in addition to existing requirements in the MPS Code and the Telstra Premium SMS Service Provider Conduct Policy. It includes the following requirements:

  • Limit retry attempts for billing transactions to four instances within 14 days, after which the partner must ensure that the MSISDN is unsubscribed and removed from all databases, including marketing databases; and
  • Provide Telstra with a monthly report of MSISDNs unsubscribed due to failed retry attempts, including shortcode, entity name, and date unsubscribed.


Moving forward, if you could please ensure;

  • The four retry attempts are spread over the 14-day period, making no more than one retry attempt on a single day
  • From October 1st, please send a monthly spreadsheet on the 1st of each month, displaying all MSISDNs unsubscribed because of failed retry attempts for the previous month (including shortcode, entity name and date service was unsubscribed).
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